Why BU?


We believe you’ll find it here…

At Beurin University, we take individuals who want to be lights for bringing others in the world beyond just the state of being “disease-free” – to truly living at their highest level of thriving!  To do this, we take these individuals and fill them with so much magnificent wisdom, training, and support, that they become living models of thriving and possibility in the world, and are able to produce those results in others!

Once you are truly filled and imbued with some of the most powerful resources and practices from ancient wisdom and leading-edge technologies, you can start to become an “overflowing brook” – the basis behind the very word “blessed” in all languages – truly overflowing! The resulting synergistic effect produces an ability to move in the world with the ultimate level of power and freedom, and to attain the realization and expression of your core gifts.

Beurin University offers the integrative approach of a true Spirit, Mind and Body, education

Hand-on-Body-Mind-SpiritBU’s understanding and commitment to the integrity of the spirit, mind and body as integral parts of the same system is the main reason behind this decision. In the paradigm of true thriving and wellness Beurin University is presently pioneering, no study of the mind and spirit can be complete without including the body and visa versa. Our university is truly a world leader in this approach of integration of elements; an approach that is both ancient and leading edge simultaneously.

We Feel Our Approach To Education Is The Best Of All Worlds

We at Beurin University are committed to providing you with the finest resources available for creating an extraordinary life for yourself and others. Our programs are taught in an environment that is both nurturing and supportive. Our primary commitment is to create an experience for our students, through our live classes as well as our distance education, that is enlivening and awakens each individuals special gifts. You may be one of the individuals we had in mind when establishing this university if you are looking for an education that is:

~ Interactive with faculty and staff who have a total passion and commitment for what we are learning and doing together,
~ Allowing for freedom and flexibility found in distance education with a regular live experience as well.
~ Geared for people who like to learn and explore “outside the box,”
~ Designed to support and assist you every step of the way in expressing your own unique contribution,
~ A completely “hands on” experience that allows each student to experience an intimate grasp of the approaches they are learning, as opposed to the disassociated experience of abstract theory taught in most educational processes.

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