The Beurin University Family

Dr Colbey B Forman, PhD
  • Dr Colbey B Forman, PhD

  • Founder & Dean of Beurin University
  • Dr Colbey B Forman, PhD, Dean of Beurin University is the visionary founder of the field of Psychoneurology, a process that fully integrates all aspects of an individual, Spirit, M... [read more]
Connie Schottky PhD
  • Connie Schottky PhD

  • Personal Coaching Professor
  • Dr. Connie is also the co-founder and professor for the university’s groundbreaking Personal Coaching program. Dr. Connie is an expert in a host of personal development technology ... [read more]
Noushin Nikfarjam PhDc
  • Noushin Nikfarjam PhDc

  • Teacher's Assistant
  • Noushin was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. She graduated from high school at age 16 and continued her education at the University of California Davis. Due to the Iranian revoluti... [read more]