The BU Experience


We at Beurin University are committed to providing you with the finest resources available for creating an extraordinary life for yourself and others. Our programs are taught in an environment that is both nurturing and supportive. Our primary commitment is to create an experience for our students, through our live classes as well as our distance education, that is enlivening and awakens each individuals special gifts.

We model our teachings to ensure the educational experience we provide is visual, auditory and kinesthetic for the highest level of comprehension and and incorporation for all types of learners.  Our programs consists of both catalogued courses for self-study and live weekly teleclasses for lecture and group discussion. The catalogue courses provide a conceptual basis for the ideas and processes of each course, while the teleclasses emphasize relevant, usable information, skills, and experiences to support students toward a greater integration of the concepts into their spirit and life. In addition to the catalogued courses and teleclasses, we require our students to attend scheduled summits throughout the year wherein students learnings are demonstrated, practiced and tested.