• "Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom."

    • ~ Buddha

Beurin University offers practitioner, masters and PhD degrees through our exclusive programs in The New Psychology of Thriving: Psychoneurology and Physical Regeneration & Thriving.

BU's Programs

BU’s Programs are a Hybrid of Education Methods

Each program’s curriculum consists of both catalogued courses for self-study and live weekly webinars for lecture and group discussion. The catalogue courses provide a conceptual basis for the ideas and processes of each course, while the webinar emphasize relevant, usable information, skills, and experiences to support students toward a greater integration of the concepts into their spirit and life. In addition to the catalogued courses and webinars, we require our students to attend scheduled summits throughout the year wherein students learnings are demonstrated, practiced and tested. We model our teachings this way to ensure the educational experience we provide is both visual, auditory and kinesthetic for the highest level of comprehension and and incorporation for all types of learners.

Each of our holistic education programs explore the relationship between the brain, the nervous system and the body and how they can be used in concert to achieve the highest level of human thriving.  Thriving being physical, mental, emotional, unconscious, as well as spiritual levels of joy, health and well-being.  You will learn how to achieve thriving for yourself and others in a natural and integrative way by effectively using the combined knowledge of tools and methods.