Certification Program in The New Psychology of Thriving: Psychoneurology and Physical Regeneration & Thriving (1 Year)


The principle of The New Psychology of Thriving: Psychoneurology is that each individual human being is already perfect and complete and thereby can achieve health and success by integrating new resources or learnings.  Psychoneurology’s’ approach bridges spirituality, ancient wisdom and leading edge technology to pioneer an entirely new paradigm in healing and wellness.  

BU’s 1 year  Practitioner program explores the principles and practices of Psychoneurology and is the foundational curriculum for all BU degree programs.

This program is ideal for:

  • Healing or therapeutic professionals looking to incorporate drug-free protocols and a deeper dimension of ancient life wisdom and spiritual methods into their practice and
  • Individuals seeking empirical AND incorporeal guidance and training for creating thriving in their lives and those around them.


Featured Courses

Spiritual Understandings Behind Psychoneurology’s Drug-Free Approach and Necessity Of Daily Spiritual Practice for Attunement
Description: Our masters have explicitly stated that “everything a person needs to thrive, they have already within them”. We believe for any human to thrive, towards mental, physical, spiritual balance and well-being, comes from a steady dedication to the ancient practices of the spiritual masters, until they are picked up by the guardian of habit, and become a way of being in the world. Students are supported through their period of integration of their daily practices and experience for themselves the lasting and profound experience of directly accessing their own source of divinity which is a limitless resource ,in lieu of psychiatric or other drugs. At this point, joy, health, and vitality, as well as emotional balance and pours, are a natural part of these processes separately, and become even more profound when combined together, as has been foretold by virtually every major wisdom path, Can promote the deepest and highest level of thriving.

The Synthesis of Spiritual Revitalization and Physical Regeneration: The Ancient Shakti Sequence
Description: Module delineating this practice brought down from the agent masters to connect to the divine by opening the chakra points of the chest, the stomach , And even opening the energy in the lower back. The ancients tell us that this amazing practice even eliminate trauma, even from past lives.

Spiritual and Divine Partnership: the Psychoneurology of Relationship.
Description:When most counseling or therapeutic approaches to relationship are viewed, it can become apparent why their lack of success is so pronounced: most couples therapy’s are oriented towards merely “getting along” and making the relationship “work”.

The objective and Psychoneurology is to help each partner view relationship as an opportunity to reach a higher state of thriving, a deeper and richer connection with the divine, then could ever be achieved outside of the relationship. This creates a grossly different context which brings about fundamentally deeper and lasting results. Relationships of the past, often had the element the partnerships are based upon a common mission, modern life, with it’s comforts, has seen the dissolution of the ancient understandings the tribal societies and other more “meaning driven” cultures provided. Are astounding divorce rate is a direct result of this lack of shared focused and destination. And so I couldn’t elegy we believe the highest imperative for relationship is for both partners to approach the relationship, from the beginning, as an incredibly powerful vehicle to connect to our highest level of divinity and thriving.
We explore ancient traditions from monks, sages, and modern teachers, and how to best utilize relationship to maximize our own development (and divinity) which keeps the relationship itself in The very highest state of thriving.

The Biblical and Scriptural Understandings and Interpretation of Dreams, and Current Understandings of Unconscious Metaphor.
Description: From biblical characters such as Joseph, to the Toltec and Maury understandings of the “dream world” ancient wisdom his handed us down consistent understandings of the spiritual and unconscious communications occurring through dreams. We apply and integrate these distilled understandings and integrate them with similar current leading edge understandings of  Jungian archetypes and Ericksonian unconscious metaphor.

The Sacred Tao Te Ching
Description:We will explore, open, and apply the wisdom of this great scripture to modern life.

Ancient Sufism Moving Practice:
Description:The practice of dance, breath and movement to bring about the alignment and direction of life energy as an important building block of thriving.

The Power of The Word: From its Biblical Roots, to the Vedic and Hindu , Sufi and Toltec Understandings
Description: The word (NAAM) and it’s power right on through to the leading age understandings of etymology,and linguistic patterns, used by  Christ, Buddha, and our all of our ancient teachers, and still skillfully employed today. To serve our mission to help others thrive, we must be masterful teachers and communicators using the power of the word.

The True Spiritual Consciousness Behind Virtually Every Great Movement Forward in Science.
Description:(known as Ruach Ha Kodesh , Or “divine wind”).  Understanding of the Kabbalistic prophecy of the lower waters (science and technology) and the upper waters “Kabbalah and direct inductive experience from “tapping in” begin to come together, according to the prophecies, but do your 5760, the year 2000 in the Gregorian calendar.

Serving Humanity as an Emissary or Diplomat for Peace:
Description: A series of tools and skills Dr. Foreman used to support peace between the religious leaders in his work in the”Jerusalem spiritual peace accord” synthesized with the most powerful collection of wisdom from ancient and leading edge sources, compiled to empower our students to be powerful emissaries for peace between couples, families, organizations, religious groups, or even countries.

Mudras and Their Powerful Effects.
Description: Gurunam, Also known as Dr Levry, says that the powers we unleash with the ancient technology of mood draws is like literally “hiring and firing angels with your fingertips”. We will explore and develop skill in this into practice, applying it synergistically with other elements of powerful spiritual practice from from an unbroken lineage that extends back over 3000 years.


In addition to the catalogued courses (list of courses coming soon), students are required to attend the live weekly teleclasses and at least one dynamic live summit.


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