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  • Our founder, Colbey Beurin Forman PhD, is a Kabbalist and Rabbi who lived and studied in Jerusalem's old city, a master with 40 years of training in the martial arts, and a student of Yogi Bhajan who brought Kundalini Yoga to the west. His unique experiences and learnings gave him a rare glimpse... [read more]
  • During the last module, our students watched lectures from: Louise Hay, on how to create and manifest your life. Dr. Wayne Dyer, on how to constantly live in joy. Gregg Braden, on how to be the living bridge between ancient wisdom and leading-edge technology. Mona Lisa Schultz on lif... [read more]
  • To educate and enlighten a new standard of heart centered healer; combining the wisdom and practices of ancient masters with our newest understandings, this is the Mission Statement of Beurin University (BU), a self-created, legally recognized 501c3 not for profit, new style of university that wil... [read more]