Educational Recognition & University Affiliations


United States Law Regarding Non-Secular Organizations

 The first amendment of the Constitution of United States delineates the separation between any act of Congress or government regarding religion or spirituality.  What has been termed “the separation between church and state”, being such an established and familiar principal here in the United States,  may not be as well known by those living in other countries. This applies not only to a particular church, religion, or spiritual practice or practices, but all spiritual and religious endeavors and insists such are not to be controlled by the United States government, including local and state authorities.  The government does not have any jurisdiction in anyway to either help or limit your spiritual practices such as, in our case, to Thrive.

Beurin University is  a non-secular spiritual/service, 501c3 humanitarian organization.  Thus the US Department of Education, under US federal law, cannot praise, credit, discredit, or accredit our curriculum.

Our pedagogy, or learning method, at Beurin University follows an ancient road to mastery that arrives at a place beyond intellectual knowledge and information, but to actually experience and live practices that create true wisdom.  Imagine an integrated approach to learning where your mind and your heart can come together in a community and an environment that is nourishing for your mind and nurturing for your heart and soul. BU is free to practice and teach chanting, meditations, prayers and ancient and powerful spiritual practices that have never been offered together in recorded history! We offer a  spiritually-centered educational ministry of Universal Wisdom via Psychoneurology & Spiritual Consciousness, with the increased protection of our degree that is afforded to spiritual institutions.

Beurin University is committed to providing a natural, organic approach to education providing an experience that feels healthy and wholesome inside to the spirit, mind, and body. Beurin University is a spiritual, 501c3 humanitarian organization  and accordingly, we are exempt from the process of federal academic accreditation.


Beurin University is recognized by the International and American Boards of Psychoneurology as the sole provider of education, ordination, and degrees up to the doctoral level in Psychoneurology and Spiritual Consciousness.


We are currently working on additional  affiliation with organizations which we support and that  have similar principles.  If you are such an organization, please contact us!