• The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love


Beurin University’s commitment to the success of all students begins at admission.

If you truly feel you may have interest in a spiritual education with Beurin University you should know:

Ultimately, a prospective student cannot evaluate what a spiritual and educational experience will be like at Beurin University just by visiting this site. The only way an interested student can get the information and understanding required of this divinely-led and pioneering program at this point is to connect directly and meet the people of BU, which includes the faculty, staff and students.

The powerful and practical elements in Beurin University’s teachings cannot be accurately presented by listing them on a page in an internet site. A curriculum detailing the activities a student might engage in during a Summit to New Mexico,  learning skills of a native American shaman such as,  “….Tuesday morning student and shaman will awaken before dawn to collect various roots and herbs bearing specific medicinal properties..” simply wouldn’t communicate the deep and transforming elements of that experience.

The same is true with the integration of elements in our teachings. A student could study and get certified in Chinese herbology, Chi Kung, ayruveda, and Homeopathy all in separate processes by taking separate courses on their own, but being able to use, understand and explain them in a spiritual and inter-related way while sharing those experiences within a support system of like-minded spiritual healers, is a completely different level of mastery.

Admission at Beurin University is an entirely personal process, and the administration only accepts students based upon shared principles and live interviews culminating in a final one with the Dean, Dr. Colbey Forman.

Every member of the faculty, staff, or student body at Beurin University feels a deep caring and commitment about getting to know each potential student to ensure a perfect fit between you, our community, and your spiritual experience at BU.

Program Admission Requirements

~ Admission application and $1800 pledge (refundable less a $150 processing fee if you are not accepted).
~ All applicants must understand, read, speak, and write fluently in English
~ All applicants must have full access to a computer with internet access.  (Some classes also require a webcam and microphone.)

No Application Required for Non-Degree Seeking Students

Most of our online catalogued courses are available to non-degree seeking students — who are subject to all applicable university rules and policies – so completing the admissions application is not required.  If you are interested in only our catalogued courses that are offered online through our website, feel free to explore and learn from as many as you like!

If what you find here speaks to you and you think you may be the kind of heart centered healer we are looking for at BU, please contact us by calling +1 877 BU 2 XELL (877-282-9355) or by emailing contact@beurinuniversity.org.  Or if you’re ready to take the next step to apply to one of Beurin University’s professional programs, click here to apply.


BU Education Expectations

  • Weekly Teleclasses

  • Each teleclass is unique, but most will include weekly assignment. Many classes include videos and recordings in addition to your textbooks and other reading materials. Assessments are based on your work alone, but on occasion you will collaborate on class projects with other members of the BU family.

  • A Hybrid Education

  • Each of BU programs consist of both catalogued courses for self-study and live weekly webinars for lecture and group discussion. Additionally, we require our students to attend scheduled summits throughout the year wherein students learnings are demonstrated, practiced and tested. We model our teachings this way to ensure the educational experience we provide is both visual, auditory and kinesthetic for the highest level of comprehension and and incorporation for all types of learners.

  • Hands-On Learning

  • All of our programs require in-person skill development that we proctor mostly through our summits. Students frequently tell us that they appreciate the additional hands-on training because they help to integrate the Pscyhoneurology methods and tools we provide, in addition to the joy of sharing space with like-minded, heart-centered healers.