Beurin University Welcomes you to a Whole New Paradigm For Education

What’s Unique About This Program?

Are you an amazing heart-centered healer who
feels reluctant to be shoved through the
dry, left-brained hoops of academia?

     Beurin University is committed to providing a natural approach to education that feels healthy and wholesome inside.

Spiritual, Experiential & Effective VS. Academic

Imagine an integrated approach to learning where your mind and your heart can come together in a community and an environment that is nourishing for your mind and nurturing for your heart and soul

all while being empowered with the most effective tools and technologies for transformation ever compiled. 

You won’t just be talking about practices to promote healing and mastery; you’ll be living them!

Radio Interview with Our Dean

Listen here as Dr. Colbey Forman discusses Beurin University with Dr. Meg Haworth.  Discover what makes BU special!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

There Is No Program Offered Like This Anywhere In The World!

                                        At Beurin University you will be…..

                                                            –Plugging into the most powerful set of tools and skills ever assembled
                                                            -Taught in a supportive, empowering environment
                                                            -And emerging as a Dual Ph.D and a Published Author

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