Quantum Leap Forward in Mental Health and Healing: An Entirely New Paradigm

~ excerpt from press conference at UCLA by Colbey Forman, PhD, Dean of Beurin University

Our ideal at BU is to liberate us from the unconscious restraints of automatic conditioning. It’s a matter of going within and being empowered to make our changes. In the past, we would go without having and experiencing what brings us joy, purpose, and fulfillment.

We’re not creating good cell-mates, people who will ensnare themselves along with you as empathizers, entering into the same disempowered state as their “clients or patients” with the vain hope that if they identify, appreciate and love us in our “stuckness” enough we will be magically and inexplicably liberated. Our conditioning, habits and patterns that develop as quickly as hunger links to a ringing bell, can be changed as easily and effortlessly as changing a program folder on a computer, but that is seemingly mysterious and impossible if one has not learned how that tool operates. The mind is a tool that can serve and support us when we use choice to guide us rather than being directed by the invisible but omni-present, omni-powerful dictates of random emotional conditioning.

The time has come where we are awakening all over the world to the realization that light and shadow, spirit and science are merging to an undeniable common source. However, those who pioneer these new approaches will stand in the light of these understandings for some time before the majority collectively step out of the shadow of their reticence.

Einstein created a new paradigm for physics radically transforming our perspective of the outer universe while Bohrs followed close behind further, bringing radical transformation to our perception of our inner universe. Well over 70 years after these theories were in their genesis, concepts of general theory of relativity and quantum physics are beginning to trickle into the elite of the “mainstream” processed in easily assimilated form by teachers such as Gary Zukav and Deepak Chopra; leaders in a spiritual movement that is ever expanding in our current world. These heralds of a train of thought that is really, in fact, over 50 years old, harmonizes with a wisdom that is timeless and ancient.

Like physics, there are revolutionary understandings of richness and depth in the last 25 years that has paled our older approach to health and healing of the mind. We’re able to make the quantum leap in our focus from pathology to wholeness, from empathy to empowerment.

The psychological horizon no longer presents a picture of coping with our permanent “wounds” and dutifully and diligently attending to each and every one in an exchange of cathartic relish and empathic enablement. A broader horizon now stretches before us, far more vast, which encompasses the older paradigms as well as creating possibilities never before imagined.

The brilliant author, John Bradshaw, in reference to the tools of our old wound paradigm, stated a metaphor: “It’s like having lost a leg and being a one-legged skater, you’re never going to grow back a second leg, but you can sure skate around really well on that one good leg.”

Our new paradigm shift is as revolutionary a concept as the change from a flat world to a round one. Our new world view can free us from the matrix of our old limitations, expanding the picture to include new realities that would have previously been considered fantasy.

Using Dr. Bradshaw’s paradigm, we can now envision the absolute certainty that not only can the one-legged skater regrow a second leg to skate on, we now know that we can teach him to fly.

Our program at Beurin University is the outgrowth and application of these new paradigms and technologies. Our therapists are surveying new grounds and joining them to ancient ones in an endeavor to enable a global shift in human awareness, health and healing.

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