Noushin Talei Nikfarjam, PhDc abd

Noushin Talei Nikfarjam

Noushin Talei Nikfarjam


Los Angeles, California, USA

  1. Noushin loves to work with individuals from ages 10 to 99.
  2. She believes that if we can teach our children who are the leaders of tomorrow to deal with life in joy and peace, we can definitely make a brighter future for our environment.
  3. She has been teaching 10 and 11 years old students techniques to enhance their memories and also how to free themselves from emotional issues and anxieties of taking exams or performing on stage.
  4. She is a loving teacher and healer and makes the client/patient feel very loved and comfortable.
  5. Her passion is making a difference in lives of whomever she touches.
  6. She has been taking children who have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD off stimulants.
  7. She has been very successful in the areas of grief and loss of loved ones.
  8. Noushin is specializing in phobias, anxieties, and anger.
  9. She has been supporting patients on anxiety medications to decrease or completely get off those drugs.
  10. Her specialty in the area of self-esteem has helped clients with public speaking and in their careers.
  • PhD candidate in Psychoneurology, Beurin University
  • Member of American Board of Psychoneurology
  • Bachelors of Fine Arts from University of California Los Angeles
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist by the American Board of Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy
  • Certified in Fast Phobia and Anxiety Cure
  • Teacher of Ophanim or Yoga of Abraham (The only Farsi speaking teacher in this area)
  • Certified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner
  • Certified in Advanced Amazonian Herbology
  • Chi-Kung Instructor
  • Certified in Advance Core Transformation Therapy
  • Certified in Parental Timeline Re Imprinting
  • Certified in Rational Emotive Therapy
  • Certified in Eye Movement Integration Therapy
  • Bio Medical Nutritionist
  • Certified in Core Protocol of Collapsing Anchors
  • Swish Pattern Certified
  • Certification in Rapid Integrative Gestalt
  • Family Reconstruction Therapist
  • Certification in Fundamental Structures of Psychoneurology
  • Certification in Perceptual Positioning
  • Certification in Ophanim: Organ Structures

Noushin has spent the past few years in educating her community in the area of Psychoneurology. She has been the student liaison for Beurin University and is one of the first groups of graduates of this unique program. She has been coaching her client/patients through different techniques of Psychoneurology and has been extremely successful in decreasing the amount of medication they have been taking or taking them off the drugs entirely. She has a very rich background in Fine Arts and mathematics.

Noushin used to work as a bookkeeper with her family for a period of 18 years prior to being introduced to Psychoneurology. Her passion has always been working with children and has been a very active member of her children’s schools for the past 22 years. She has been publishing articles in the Iranian magazines and is very well known in the Iranian community residing in Los Angeles and New York. She has done few years of volunteer work with the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles in areas of teaching and peer counselling.

Noushin and two of her colleagues have been running seminars in the Persian community in Farsi and she is the only Farsi speaking Ophanim instructor in the world who has been teaching her students and clients how to prevent disease through different venues. She has finished her doctoral program successfully and is finishing her dissertation.

  • Articles on having more successful communication with your loved ones and your teenagers in Farsi in Javanan magazine.
  • Currently finishing her book on her autobiography combined with her case studies in Psychoneurology.

  • Ophanim or Yoga of Abraham
  • Chi-kung
  • How to Have a More Prosperous Life (Goal Setting)
  • How to Create a Better Communication with Your Partner/Significant Other
  • How to Create a Better Communication with Your Teenagers
  • The learning’s of The Four Agreements (a discussion)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Memory Enhancement Game
  • Naamat (non-profit organization supporting individuals with abusive families)
  • Dreamality Education and Coaching
  • Javanan magazine
  • Appeared on CNN Co-Cal News, Special Edition Business Feature on AromaECO with Dr. Julie Thong
  • Featuring in Milken Community High School TV News talking and teaching about different techniques to deal with anxiety in Middle School and High School students.
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