Jilla Moradzadeh

Jilla Moradzadeh

Jilla Moradzadeh


Los Angeles California, USA

  1. My passion to help women gain self love comes from a very personal place. Being brought up in a traditional/authoritarian culture and family I developed a flawed mentality of self love and awareness. For years I was tunnel visioned; only seeing life, love, and the world as I was told to see it by my elders. Visualizing yourself outside the box in a place of self satisfaction rather than a place of others’ satisfaction was frowned upon and often considered selfish. I had followed the life path that my parents had decided was right for me and I was raising my children within that same shadow.
  2. At the age of 40, with my two sons off to college and on their own I suddenly felt empty and separated from their lives for the first time. I sensed they were distancing themselves from me in an attempt to break away from an authority figure. This was an eye opening experience for me as I realized I had replaced my parents and in doing so was distancing myself from my sons. Through the many self-empowerment seminars I attended in the years to follow I learned the true meaning of Gandhi philosophy, “Be the change you want to see in the world”.
  3. A mother is the center of the world, playing the most pivotal role in the development of her children and thus society’s future. With such an important role cast upon us I found out that when we come from a place of self love, self esteem and self awareness we can then assist in our children’s personal growth and development. As my own self love grew so did my relationships with those that meant the most to me. I began to see that self love is not the same as selfishness as I had been raised to believe. My sons began to open up to me and see me as a mother, friend and colleague, as I moved forward with my education and personal empowerment.
  4. I want to share my experiences and the knowledge I have gained in my studies, seminars, and readings with all women and in doing so to the whole world. Change starts from within and its ripple effect is felt by all around you.
  • PhD Candidate in Psychoneurology
  • PhD Candidate in Integrative Medicine
  • Member of American Board of Psychoneurology
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Certified in Fast Phobia and Anxiety Cure
  • Certified in Rapid Integrative Gestalt
  • Certified in Rational Emotive Therapy
  • Certified in Parental Time Line Reimprinting
  • Certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Certified in Amazonian Herbology
  • Biomedical Nutritionist
  • Certified in Core Protocol of Collapsing Anchor
  • Swish Pattern Certified
  • Family Reconstruction Therapist
  • The Psychoneurology of EFT
  • Eye Movement Integration Therapy
  • Certification in Fundamental Structures of Psychoneurology
  • Certification in Perceptual Positioning
  • Certification in Ophanim: Organ Structures

I have years of volunteer work with the Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles in areas of teaching and peer counselling. I have led many workshops in chakra (energy systems of body), classes and counselling sessions in the areas of creating balance between mind, body and spirit which are part of the same system.

I facilitated support groups to community level first semester nursing students at down town Los Angeles College. The purpose of these groups was to lower the dropout rates, reduce stress and broaden diversity amongst nursing student. By the end of the fourth month, the students reported feeling more confident and better able to concentrate during studies and test taking. My groups bolstered self esteem, improved communication skills and solidified relationships between faculty and students. During the final week, students evaluated me as the most helpful presence as the dropout rates plummeted to an unprecedented 2%.  Never has the attrition rates been this low in the history of this nursing school.

  • Iranian Magazine called Javanan.
  • Along with my collegues, I wrote different articles topics from learning the love language of your partner, Psychoneurology, integrative medicine and many more.  This was an opportunity to educate members of my own community about Psychoneurology and how we can help them make dramatic internal shifts which fulfill their dreams and ambition in a short period of time.

www.jillamoradzadeh.com  (Under Construction)

  • Understanding of Chakra System and Balancing Energy centres of the body
  • Total Life Therapy, How to find Your Value System and have a more meaningful and prosperous life
  • The Learning’s of the Four Agreements
  • How to understand the Love Language of your partner and create a more loving and understanding relationship
  • Jewish Family Services
  • Jilla Moradzadeh has served as a speaker for Stop Nursing Shortages, where she gave informal talks to 60 nursing students from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. Her natural ability to instil concepts, inspire and project warmth reached the hearts of the students quickly forging rapport and trust.  Her ability to model practical skills in her teachings helped students gain skills in managing academic stresses.

Javanan Magazine


Additional work experience:

  • Bookkeeper –  INLA Furniture
  • Sales – Computer Palace
  • Sales – Sorelle Fashion Accessories.
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