Janet S. Poriadjian

Janet S. Poriadjian

Janet S. Poriadjian


New York City and northern New Jersey, USA

  1. Janet S. Poriadjian specializes in helping people free themselves from long held phobias and anxieties, as well as effectively deal with daily stress and depression.
  2. She also successfully helps children and teens with learning difficulties, so they can flourish and achieve their full potential.
  3. Janet offers a results-oriented, natural approach that is a safe and effective alternative to psychiatric drugs. Because of her unique approach, many conditions can be addressed in just a few sessions.
  • PhD Candidate in Psychoneurology, Beurin University
  • Member of the American Board of Psychoneurology (ABP)
  • Psychoneurology Certificates available upon request at the ABP
  • Certification in Fundamental Structures of Psychoneurology
  • Certification in Perceptual Positioning
  • Certification in Ophanim: Organ Structures

Her innate fascination to help adults and children thrive, led Janet to study Psychoneurology and understand how to use human thought to effectively create a different and more resourceful experience. For the past five years Janet has been working in association with Beurin University under Dr. Colbey Forman, helping adults and children to understand and master their emotional responses by teaching them and providing resourceful and healthier new learning strategies.

At a young age Janet used dance and music to transform her contrived and sometimes confusing reality into a free-spirited, magical and fun-loving world for herself and her audiences. After graduating with accolades, from the prestigious “School of Performing Arts” in Bulgaria she returned to the USA, where she became a Certified Public Accountant; and for the next two decades worked for three Fortune 500 corporations and top Auditing Firm; while volunteering on weekends by teaching children dance and mentoring them on variety of life issues. No matter the workload or daily pressures, her passion to keep people calm and happy so they feel more fulfilled and empowered made her a great manager, sought after mentor and teacher.


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  • Member of the American Board of Psychoneurology (ABP)
  • Psychoneurology Certificates available upon request at the ABP
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Credits towards M.B.A., Marketing – Maryland University
  • B.S. Accounting – St. John’s University, New York, NY—Cum. Index: 3.8/4.0; Major Index 4.0/4.0
  • Classical Ballet – School of Arts, Bulgaria–Cum. Index: 5.9/6.0
  • Languages: English and Bulgarian: fluent; Russian and Armenian: working knowledge.
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